Monday, June 22, 2009

Sentosa with the Fonsecas

Sunday 21st June was a big day out with Savio and Loretta, our godson Jacob and his baby brother David. We got the Express Train over to Sentosa, took the bus to the Dolphin Display (very cool), then to Underwater World. Returned to Singapore then got the MRT and bus back to our place for a swim and dinner. The kids, babies and adults all did very well!

Two friendly snakes

Nadine is looking a bit more relaxed than she feels! It all happened so fast.... this guy kind-of wrapped the snakes around her, then said we could pay $6 for a photo so I agreed. Next he put the turban on her head and offered us another photo. I wondered if the next thing he was going to do was propose marriage to her, so we left fast!
(PS.. yes the snakes are very much alive, but obviously extremely friendly).

Underwater World

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday

Celia turned 7 on Friday (19th June) so her day was full of excitement. Also pictured are Loretta, Jacob and David (Fonseca, Alexandra) who are in Singapore for 2 weeks. What a bonus for us that they are here for the week of Celia's birthday! Savio joined us later in the day.

Celia's Party

Celia's party was full of fun and games, with Jess, Deanie and Rhian leading the way. The 3 Singaporean girls in the photo are Valerie, Shanel and Qinyi - all of whom live at Parc Palais.
Pin-the-tail-on-the-Giraffe went down well, and plenty of food and goodies were had by all.
Celia got some awesome things... activities that will keep us busy during home school too!

Celia's Foot Massage

On the morning of Celia's birthday Steve took her for her very own foot massage. Celia said they 'cracked her toes' and 'made her feet numb' and it felt 'weird'. 
She did say, however, that it was a good experience! Over the past few weeks Celia has been role-playing by massaging all of our feet, with the foamy soap and bucket of water etc.... so it was nice for her to get a reward treatment.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June Holidays

The holidays are upon us and everyone is in relax mode. 
Jess has the pressure of exams coming up, Steve and Rhian have a big term ahead as well - but for now its lots of swimming to keep cool (temperatures are steady at 35 degrees with 95% humidity) and visitors to keep us company (Savio and Loretta arrive tomorrow).
June is the big holiday for local schools in Singapore - the whole month in fact - then just a week in September.

Nadine's Birthday

Yesterday, the 13th June, was Nadine's 15th birthday. There was the present-opening first thing in the morning, a lunch at home with the cake-lighting, then a surprise Skype-session with some Alexandra friends in the afternoon.
For dinner we went to the Prima Revolving Restaurant which was really cool. It was Chinese food with exquisite icecream desserts (apple flavour shown) and the kids had mocktails.
Deanie indeed had a H A P P Y 15th birthday!

Curly hair?

Adam's hair is getting curly. Despite him always being dressed in blue, we get asked 'boy or girl?' Steve is threatening to get his beautiful locks cut off at the barber!

Harbour Front at Night


This is Celia's friend Vicky. She is a few years older than Celia but they have quickly become very close friends. They meet at the playground every night for a while after tea. Vicky originally lived in Sydney - her Dad is Australian and her Mum is Austrian. She has a younger brother Max. They are a lovely family.


Rhian's Co-curricular activity (CCA) at the moment is basketball so he is enjoying being back into that. This photo is of Parc Palais' small outdoor basketball court where Rhian goes to practice, usually in the scorching heat and he manages to practise for ages!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A meal 'Steam Boat' style

No, this is not the Singapore version of the Earnslaw. Steam Boat is a style of meal where all the food is served on separate plates, then boiled or steamed in special dishes in the middle of the table. These photos are from the girls' Netball Dinner at a Steam Boat Restaurant.

Alexandra Road

There's also a Queenstown District, and an Adam Road. Makes us feel right at home.

Parc Palais

A few people have asked for more photos of Parc Palais. Here they are....

Fish Spa

If you are coming to Singapore then we will be taking you for a Fish Spa. It is very cool, but quite freaky until you get used to it, and ticklish. The fish eat all the dead skin off your feet! Very therapeutic.

Where to go?

We were surprised when Jess's Singaporean school mates commented that there was 'nothing to do' in Singapore. As visitors, and from a small town like Alexandra, we think that there is so much to see and do in Singapore. But I am starting to appreciate what the kids here might mean. Because of the heat, the small apartment lifestyle (mostly HDB 's - Government Housing Flats), and the lack of parks etc... there is actually a real restriction on where you can go, particularly if you just want to hang out somewhere with friends or family and relax. Malls and cafes do not offer much privacy or space - and its too hot to do many outdoor things - so I am beginning to understand why the youth would say there is not much to do in Singapore! Certainly in my case, when trying to think of where to go with Adam - the options are very limited. We're getting pretty good at going to the library though!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kirsten's holiday

Kirsten's holiday - Singapore 2009

Elephant Ride

The elephant ride was a much anticipated highlight of the girls' trip to the zoo.