Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adam's climbing

Adam's piano skills are coming along nicely, so's his climbing!

Photos on Chris's travels

Some great shots, thanks Chris...

Raffles Hotel

A historic hotel surrounded by cafes and restaurants, souvenirs and clothes shops. Raffles was on Chris's agenda for 'high tea' so off we went. Thank you Deanie for babysitting.. wouldn't really have worked with Adam!

Dream dress, dream price

The girls had some time to fill in while selling flowers at Orchard Road (fundraising project). So Deanie tried on this $4,000.00 dress, with expensive shoes as well. Hmmm... it would take a fair bit more fundraising to purchase that!

Brendan's visit

Brendan is well on his way to Ireland now, via Turkey. It was great to have a few days with him to share our new lifestyle. He didn't particularly enjoy the Singapore-style barber, who proceeded to 'thump' at his head after the hair cut.... or the foot massage which he described as a form of torture. I'm sure his hair and his feet are all the better for it though!
All the best in Ireland Brendan.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arab Street

Arab Street, in Kampong Glam, is a Malay 'cultural and heritage' area with an Arab flavour. Steve, Brendan, Jess and Celia took a trip here by bus. Chris did the same a few days later.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jessie turns 17

17 years ago, at 8.19 pm on the 19/08 Jessica Diane Ward was born!
Jess celebrated her birthday 3 times over today - firstly before school with the netball girls and a cake; secondly during lunch time with a school surprise from all her friends and classmates (and another cake); and then of course at home for dinner with her family (yes... a third cake). Her day has included special guest appearances from Chris (Heywood, Alexandra) who is here now for 2 weeks and Uncle Brendan (Ward, Invercaragill) who is here for 5 nights in transit to Turkey and then Ireland.
Happy birthday Jess - what a day... what a year... what a gal!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some apartment shots

The quality of some of our photos is starting to falter, due to the camera batteries dying or the settings getting changed. Plus, the strong light in some rooms, and dark in others makes for a challenge. So these apartment shots aren't great I'm afraid, but hopefully you'll get an idea. The red 'hanging shelf' is in the laundry and houses all the towels etc. The 'blue' bed is our bedroom, which is a good size compared to the kids' twin shared rooms. The living area where Nadine is sitting at the computer table, is the total living space for the apartment (ie. dining/lounge/living combined).

Tony and Bernie

More little 'visitor angels' came our way with Tony and Bernie (Lepper, Alexandra) coming for dinner while in transit from Europe back to New Zealand. They had a fabulous six weeks away, and it was so good to catch up. Thanks for coming guys!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

National Day 2009

On Sunday 9th August, Singapore celebrates its 44th anniversary of independence (from both Malaysia and colonial rule). National Day celebrations started today and go right through the weekend. At school assembly this morning at National Junior College the acknowledgements started, with soldiers leading from the front, songs, flags etc.... over and above the usual National Anthem and pledge.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Every evening between 6.30 and 7.30 Celia congregates with all her mates at the Parc Palais playground. It gets quite busy, and darkness descends during the time they are there. Most of the younger children are supervised by their family's maid - so it is a social time for the maids as well. It is a very hot and sticky place to be... but Celia just loves the time out.

More food for thought

Trumpet and Clarinet

For the past 6 weeks, Jess (clarinet) and Rhian (trumpet) have been practising for a church concert, which took place on Saturday evening, 1st August at St. Mary's Church. Fortunately the church is well air-conditioned, as they had to wear all black - including long sleeved shirts and long pants.
It's been so nice to hear the instruments being played around the apartment, and it was a lovely opportunity for them to be part of a (chamber) group again. We will have a recorded disc of the concert in case their Alexandra tutors need evidence that they are keeping up their music!
The photo shows Adam conducting Rhian through a tough piece.

St. Mary's Parish Fair

Jess and Nadine took Celia to the local church's fair yesterday. It was a huge set-up. Occasions like this take months and months of planning. The massive car park, as well as the large area in front of the church were full of games and activities, food stalls and craft. Celia is in a mini-pool full of newspaper, collecting some 'treasures'.


This is Ann, from Germany. She is at National Junior College for a two-month venture to Singapore. It was lovely to have her over for a meal last night, after the girls spent the day out and about.