Thursday, November 19, 2009

Upcoming itinerary

Before we leave Singapore we will have the opportunity to go to Cambodia. We will spend two nights in Siem Reap and two nights in Phnom Penh. So we will be away from 6th-10th December. Jess will then spend three nights in Phuket, Thailand, with a friend and her dad (11th-14th December).
Another highlight will be going to the wedding of one of Steve's colleagues on December 12th - we are very lucky.

Our itinerary once we leave Singapore will be:
December 22nd: Singapore - Brisbane
December 30th: Brisbane - Auckland
January 2nd: Auckland - Queenstown/Alexandra
January 2nd-5th: Alexandra
January 5th-16th: Wanaka
January 16th-18th: Invercargill
January 18th .... Alexandra. And resting!

Our local area

Beach Blast

This may look like a leisurely day at the beach, but all is not as it seems. Two hours by bus/train/tram/walk to get to a beach at Sentosa, an hour or so in the water, a quick play of beach volleyball - then the rain, bucketfuls of rain .... so back on the tram/train/bus and home!!
The girls had a fun time though (lol).

Auntie Jenny

We had a lovely visit from Jenny (Geddes, Sydney). The photos are of her trip to the shops with Jess and Deanie.
Celia says 'See you soon Amy and Archie!' :)

Rhian's Class Outing

It was a memorable day yesterday when Rhian's class of 25 came to our place for their class outing. It rained for the whole day so 'inside activities' quickly became a challenge - though you can see from one of the photos that Adam may well have entertained for quite some time at the centre of the group. Steve took everyone down to the car-park for some ball games and a run around. We did all the cooking indoors, but fortunately the rain stopped around 5.30 pm and we at least got to eat outdoors.
At the end of the day we discovered that Bukit Timah (this district) was on the news because of flash flooding. Needless to say the 'rainy season' is definitely upon us!

Deanie's Hair Extensions

Post-exam outings for Jess


Adam has had the measles ... complete with four days of high fever and a lot of spots. I gave him the leftover icing bowl to cheer him up!

The 3 Rockers

This is Celia's band ... 'The 3 Rockers'. Vicky (centre) and Max (right) make up the team .. with a medley of songs and instruments. Home school is quickly becoming a thing of the past as holidays kick in and band practices take over!


Kiwifruit, and dragonfruit .... although they look different they actually taste quite similar.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Merlion

Jess's class photo

Farewell arrangements have begun as Steve, Jess's and Rhian's classmates and colleagues learn of their pending departure. Jess presented a farewell powerpoint to her class, with lots of photos she had taken throughout the year. Rhian's friends and classmates are very sorry that he is leaving, as is his basketball coach! And Steve's colleagues have started organising lunches to say their goodbyes. The State schools all finish up their classes over the next fortnight.
Because we are planning to be in Singapore till 22nd December, there will hopefully be lots of opportunities over the next month for everyone to have some fun outings and visits with special friends we have made, and there will be a concerted effort to keep in touch in future years.

Project work

This is Jess's Project Work group. They have been really busy completing all the tasks required for their study of ShopHouses in central Singapore. Video clips, research, tour, powerpoint, oral and written presentations - all part of the big assignment.