Saturday, March 21, 2009

Steve's Birthday

Our only full day on the island was Thursday 19th March, conveniently coinciding with Steve's birthday. The event of the day was the snorkelling trip - something I have wanted to introduce the kids to for a long time. Steve enjoyed it a lot - especially when the guide took him and the older 3 kids about another 50 metres out to view some 5-6 foot long sharks which were a bit further down in the murky depths!
Otherwise it was mostly coral and fishes - but lots of them.
We had the best of weather during the 3 days - hot but not always too sunny, no rain and no storms (apart from some rain overnight at times). 

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  1. wow we're so jealous of your awesome holiday! It looks so clean in Malaysia! You're really treating yourselves to a well earned rest. Thanks for keeping such an interesting log of all your news!