Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night we went to National Junior College's Cultural Night Concert and enjoyed some excellent music and talent. It was held at the Victoria Concert Hall in the centre of the city.
In this one school, NJC, they have a Chinese Orchestra; String Ensemble; Piano Ensemble; Guzheng Ensemble; and the Symphonic Band (photo shown).
The photo of the girls in red is to show you the 'guzheng', which looks like a cross between a harp and a piano. There were 24 girls on stage with these - each  in kimono-style dress with long wide pants and black shoes. The sound was amazing.
The Chinese Orchestra (not shown) is a highlight for Steve - with many instruments we had never even heard of before. 
All of these kids practise for hours and hours every week, the standard is exceedingly high.

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