Monday, April 13, 2009

Co-curriculum Activities (CCA's)

This week the State Schools' National Competitions begin for all the CCA's (or Co-Curricular Activities).  Steve is one of the teachers in charge of Hockey and  Floor Ball (Floor Ball is a variation of Hockey). Jess and Nadine are in the Netball CCA and their first competition game is on Friday night.
Anticipation is building as preparations began for the Nationals back at the very beginning of the year. Coaches and captains have been calling for more and more practices, and pressure is on in the training as there is a lot at stake (ie. placings and trophies!!!!) for the schools. Needless to say when it's all over there will be some welcome respite from such heavy training, especially for Jess. Deanie is in the team but is too young to play in the Nationals, so she will be side-lined!

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