Monday, April 6, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

We thought it was time for a reality check, so what is it that we all like and dislike about Singapore - and what do we miss about home?
Steve likes seeing new places, meeting new people, and swimming in our apartment's pool. He likes ice-blended drinks, finding new bus routes, and reading the paper after school.
Markelle likes the malls, seeing new kinds of food, the pool, and new adventures. She loves the movies being so accessible, not having to rush out of the house in the morning, and the huge masses on Sunday!
Jess likes the rain storms, the climate, the food and the malls. She likes the clothes, massages, and getting a tan.
Deanie likes the pool, the heat, and the malls. She likes learning about new places, planning trips, and Sentosa Island.
Rhian likes his mates, the independence, and Tioman Island in Malaysia. He likes drum lessons, chicken cutlets from the stall at school, and orange juice cans.
Celia likes the pool, the doll shops, and the drink vending machine! She likes playing with other kids at the playground, letters in the mail, and playing on the computer. She also likes having her friend Chantal over.
Adam likes the loud cars on the motorways, his walker, and his meals!

Steve doesn't like getting up early or the travel time, crowded buses, and he's getting sick of rice. 
Markelle doesn't like high humidity, loud fans on all night, or meals that include fish heads or bones! And none of us like the ants..... dozens and dozens of ants, always.
Jess doesn't like 5.30 am starts, school, sweating, or having a leg injury.
Deanie doesn't like long netball practices, long journeys on the bus, or thunderstorms.
Rhian doesn't like having so much science homework, maths homework, or LA (english) homework!
Celia doesn't like too much heat, science, or missing her classmates during the day!
Adam doesn't like ...... hmmm.... there's not much that Adam doesn't like.

What we miss:
Steve misses wide open spaces; mountains, lakes and rivers; and New Zealand food.
Markelle misses texting Grandma, a swift breeze through the clothes on a washing line, ventilation in the kitchen, and 'real' chocolate biscuits.
Jess misses her friends, and she misses.... EVERYTHING, except for hoar frosts in winter.
Deanie misses the snow, 9a Netball team, and friends. She also misses Letts Gully.
Rhian misses basketball, cricket and rugby, and his trumpet outings with the Roxburgh Brass Band.
Celia misses her friends, school, fish'n'chips, and biking.
Adam doesn't miss much.
We all miss TIMMY the dog :)

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