Monday, April 6, 2009

Palm Sunday

We won't ever forget Palm Sunday 2009.  We headed off to 11 am mass on another very hot humid day heading for 38 degrees again like the past 3 days. Parishioners were asked to take a palm branch, and gather for the procession in. Dozens and dozens of people kept arriving till well after the mass started - the masses here are huge. Once inside, the mass progressed as usual, but half way through it started raining outside. By the time we came out at the end, there was TORRENTIAL rain. This was the Singapore we had always imagined!
Despite it being only a 20-minute walk/bus/walk to home we were very quickly completely and utterly drenched. People came from everywhere to help us with the buggy, the baby, an extra umbrella etc ... 'random acts of kindness' as Steve put it. One lady gave us paper hankies for the children, saying to wipe their chest and back so they didn't get pneumonia!
It turned out to be quite fun, walking/running in the pouring rain, soaked through - and Adam didn't mind it one bit. I really wish I'd had the camera handy.
A memorable Palm Sunday - Happy easter week everyone :)
Note: the photo is of a St. Joseph's mass (our local) taken about 3 weeks ago.

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