Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maths and Science

In Singapore, the students do Maths and Science at a level 2 full year's ahead of New Zealand. What this of course means for Jess, Nadine and Rhian... is that it is very very hard.
Because Jess is older, she has been allowed to avoid maths and science altogether, and is doing Art, History, English and KI (Knowledge and Inquiry), and Project Work.
Rhian is young enough that the gap is not yet too significant, and so far he is managing to pick up the science and maths okay.
Nadine is caught in the middle. There is a 2-year gap between the maths and science she knows, and what she is being taught. But the school felt she was still young enough to catch up. So for her she has a timetable filled with 2 kinds of maths ( 2 x each a week) and 3 kinds of science ( 2-3 x each a week). This is quite overwhelming, for obvious reasons. Her other subjects are English, Humanities, Philosophy, Leadership/Guidance.

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  1. Poor Dine - you'll get it in the end! I like the sound of Jess's course though - I think everyone should take history. You'll have to let me know what sort of history they teach Jess - I am always interested in that sort of thing. Makes me a bit jealous of that teacher though.... By the way we need you to baby sit the kids while your parents come over for Mark's 40th birthday. You good for that?