Monday, February 2, 2009

Home School

After 3 weeks at school and seemingly coping so well, Celia announced that she didn't want to go any more! Over the Chinese New Year long weekend there was lots of talking and cajoling... but in the end she had made up her mind and her final word was "It's not St. Gerard's Mum".
It was a difficult decision but we withdrew her from formal school. The long days and hour long bus ride to and from school were too much. She was also finding it really difficult to communicate with her peers, and said they couldn't understand her. The schools here don't let the parents inside the grounds during the day at all, so I hadn't even seen her classroom much less been able to visit her. And Celia had one and a half hour's a day of Chinese class - she found this boring because she was too far behind the others and had to just fill in the time doing her own thing. 
The school is supportive of our decision which is a relief, and it certainly seems to be the best thing for Celia. She is happy with her teacher so far (that's me!) and it is a bonus to have all the books we purchased at the school to work with.
Multi-tasking at home has moved to a new level, I can't imagine getting my maid's duties done now but the chores will just have to wait. Adam is already getting quite addicted to having Celia's cheery face around.
We are hoping to get the contact details for a couple of the friends she had made in class so we can meet up with them again. And we are very grateful for the experience .... we learnt so much about primary schooling in Singapore in a short time.


  1. Well, I was very impressed with all those buses Celia!! Maybe a place will come up at a nicer school closer to home!! Maybe Charlie can compare teachers and material?!! Go Mum - got to be nearly qualified for Super Mum eh?

  2. I agree with Jo Mckay. I hope you get a school that is closer to home. And mum will be the perfect teacher :)

  3. Hey Wardies, Gidday there. Markelle you will be interested to know that I am back in the REAP fold!! Doing some tuition while you & Beth are out of action. At start was a bit like "Groundhog Day". Great way to keep in touch eh! Steve, we have dicked the Aussie cricketers 2 out of two in the one day series so will be pleased to know that!
    Blog-follower No 8 signing off.
    Hey Frankie, if you are reading this...where is your blog kid?