Friday, February 20, 2009

Night Safari

We took in the Night Safari at Singapore Zoo last weekend. Celia loved all the animals. We couldn't take photos because it was dark and there were restrictions, so got a photo of the fire-fighting boys instead!
Wouldn't recommend too many touristy outings... they definitely charge touristy prices.

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  1. Well, we just went to the circus here in Alexandra. Charlie was most impressed with the Kenyen acrobats - they used fire in their show. He is still talking about that! They were very incredible - gorgeous and amasing. The circus itself was surrounded by controversy - an elephant was involved. Julie and I enjoyed the acrobats too, the elephant made us wish we hadn't gone - very old and needed to retire to a nice (albeit) New Zealand retirement home!! Sometimes touristy things are worth the effort on some level - at least the elephant got fed that night - same with your fighting boys!! Well, that is my story anyway!!