Sunday, February 22, 2009

New taste sensations

The most adventurous eaters when we go out and about are Steve, Jess and Rhian. They will give things a try despite not necessarily identifying it!
The photo is of a platter called '5-fortuna' which brings good fortune. Despite an explanation by the waitress I would still have trouble explaining what's in it. Many foods have a 'gelatine' consistency and the dessert versions are definitely delicious.

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  1. Go the good eaters - make sure you post us egs of the strangest things to eat!! Haven't heard much about the teaching Steve - tell us all!! Do they do their homework? Do they get it? Do they require constant entertainment? And of course, are you having fun? It must be neat thinking of the next new thing to try out - even in the middle of one of those economics periods............