Friday, February 20, 2009


Nadine is the latest casualty of the local education system. She has withdrawn from the College after it became apparent that her relentless 'maths and science' schedule was not likely to improve at all over time. She made the decision herself. It wasn't that she 'couldn't do it' but more 'why would you do it?!' and I guess that it easy to understand.
Again, we are very very grateful for the opportunity Nadine has had to experience a state school, and though it has only been a month for her, she has learned a huge amount. The school and her teachers have been really wonderful.

Nadine will 'home-school' with Celia, Adam and I. We will try and model her work more closely on Dunstan's Year 10 curriculum - so any worksheets and project tasks from Year 10 students/teachers would be great!

One bonus is that Nadine gets to continue as part of the school netball team, for which we are also really grateful. The photo is of the gymnasium where the girls' slept last night as part of their team 'camp'... hmmmm.. floor doesn't look too comfortable huh?


  1. That is so good that you are still in with the netball!! Great effort Dine - very hard schedule. Good thing that mother of yours is a History teacher - she will be able to cope with anything!! Happy to help with SST but probably that is the one area you don't need help with - you are living sst!! Plus your mum will know everything! Keep up the good work Markelle - one day you will learn how to be a "proper" teacher. I am still relaying Celia's comment to all! Gorgeous. Miss you all so much, enjoying the blog though.

  2. Same here,
    No-one would blame Nadine for finding that amount and level of Maths & Science daunting!

    Good on you Markelle for keeping up such a wonderful diary. Love seeing the neighbourhood photos. Really wish I could find a map of Singapore which show what part of the city you are in. I'll try to pick up a map in Sydney when we go there on Sat 8/3