Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rainy season?

After 2 months of quite dry weather we are now getting a bit of the 'monsoon' season, with the occasional heavy rain and lots of thunder and lightning. The first time we heard the loud cracks of lightning was very frightening. With this comes increasing humidity, and every days feels hotter and hotter. Most days are very sunny and bright, and it just clouds over temporarily for bouts of rain. By all accounts the weather has been very unseasonable - one taxi driver told me that usually January gets 200 mm rain on average, this year it was only 30 mm. He said there had been a lot more wind than usual (light breeze by Letts Gully standards), and to expect the really hot weather now until July!
The photo is of the 'rain drains' which fill up extremely fast in the rain and are therefore very deep. Most of the time they are bone dry.

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