Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sentosa Island

We went over to Sentosa Island for the Sentosa Festival of Flowers 2009. The island is very small, and there were lots and lots of people to negotiate through. We followed the signs round in circles till we found the "beach". We'll never take Oreti Beach in Invercargill for granted again! The kids had a welcome swim and we had a nice meal at the cafe...


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  2. Hey Steve. Your replacement said you had sent her an email! It was an interesting conversation. But its all okay - I have set her straight - she now knows the truth lol

  3. Wow - you weren't afraid it would sink? Looks a lovely day. How is the home school going Celia? How is the netball, Jess and Dine? Rhian - what are you up to? Enjoy the heat!! When I see these photos I just want to get on the next plane - what an experience!