Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wardies in Singapore

We have been constantly surprised at how green it is in Singapore. We live in Bukit Timah which has a nature reserve. We enjoyed a very hot walk through it on New Year's Eve. Hopefully some of you got the monkey photos by email - they are very cute! One of these photos is of Hume Avenue where we live. The other is of the washing hanging on our very small balcony. There are many contradictions in Singapore.. for example cyclists don't wear helmets, you don't need a baby car seat in taxis (or buses, trains and other cars), there is litter in places, and I even saw a guy spit! However it is generally as clean and efficient as people say.. and certainly everyone is very considerate of others.

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  1. Dear Markelle - love the washing line(!) and one thing's for sure, it'll always dry quickly!! You've done a great job putting together your Blog site. We will all appreciate keeping up-to-date with you - it'll be almost as if we're there with you. Speak to you soon. Lots of love, Chris