Tuesday, January 13, 2009


After earlier thoughts of home-schooling Celia, things changed suddenly for her on Friday. She is now a pupil at Greenridge Primary School, and her hours are 1 pm till 6.30 pm!! She has her uniform as you can see from the photo, and she has loads of books. Celia gets to have food at the canteen every day during recess - the dining hall is in the background. We will have to get her to and from school by taxi until we can arrange a school pick-up bus. The second photo is of the guard-gate which all schools have.


  1. Wow Celia - what a gorgeous uniform!! Have a great time at your new school. Love Chris

  2. Just love the uniform Celia. Hope the new school is fun but what a long afternoon for you.
    I wonder what Mum and Adam will be doing when you are away....
    Take care, Dona