Monday, January 26, 2009


The locals tell us that summer is about to hit! Just when we thought we were acclimatising quite well, we are warned that the worst is yet to come and that the next 3 months will get very very hot. Seems Alexandra has been basking in some hot temperatures too. Our (Parc Palais') pool is looking more inviting all the time!
We have worked out why not many people use the pool. Many Asians don't want their skin to get darker. Also, the weather has apparently been 'cooler' by local standards so swimming is a bit cold! Phew....
There are 4 aquariums. Adam loves looking at the fish. As well as all the gorgeous fish, there is this "eel" thing... it is ghastly. It only comes out of its rock-cave at night. I would love to know how long it is!

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  1. I definitely want a pool like that. You guys are so blessed with such opportunity. xx