Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wardies in Singapore

Adam is thriving. He and Celia love nothing more than to hang out at home and enjoy a swim. He is having his first taste of solids - Farex Baby Rice of course! The photo is of his walker that he got for Christmas... he's not too sure about it yet.

Groceries has been a huge hurdle given that hauling bags of food home on the bus is not a great look, and is unsafe ... but we have established a pattern already. I can go to a big supermarket called GIANT, order over $200 worth of supplies (tinned food, toiletries, packaged goods etc) and get them delivered for free 48 hours later. I can also order fruit, veges, milk, bread, cheese etc from 'Kennys' and have them delivered the same day - which will work for weekly groceries. Anything in between is a hot 20-minute walk away to Cold Storage.... but not too bad really. Dairy is extremely dear here - milk $5.80 for 2 litres, icecream $6 for less than 2 litres,  and meat is really dear (or dubious) as well. I am still only recognising about 20% of what is on the shelves, much less out and about at the Food Courts!

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  1. Hi Adam - neat walker! You will soon get the hang of driving it around your apartment - it was great to see you and mummy on the webacam yesterday. Love, Aunty Chris