Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One photo is of Jess in our dining room.
On Christmas night we had a wonderful feast at the home of Dorothy, the lady whose job it is to look after new teachers. We sang carols, did items, and indulged in a whole variety of yummy things. Dessert Singapore-style was lychees and almond jelly, followed by Chocolate Log. That Saturday night we joined the local Parish's family night after the 5.30 pm mass (outdoor meal followed by music etc). Then on the Sunday night we did our first trip on the Metro train all the way across Singapore to Yishun, to one of Steve's colleagues for tea. That was lots of fun too (and very hot!) Singapore is very vast... it can take quite a while to get anywhere.


  1. Hi Jess - very impressed to see that you're using chopsticks, AND you've got a substantial amount of food balanced on the end of them...I can only manage one grain at a time, so you can imagine the food gets cold very quickly! Very pleased that you were all able to get into Dad's school - it looks fabulous (have checked it out on the internet). Enjoy! Love, Chris

  2. Mmmm, and I was sure you were trying to go independent, Jess. Hope you are enjoying the experience. Hot here today.
    Kind regards Dona