Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Jess, Deanie and Rhian all started school at National Junior College on Monday, the 12th January. They are all up with Steve at 5.30 am, and out the door by 6.30 am, so it will be very long days for them. It was a whirlwind weekend getting the various uniform items from all over Singapore, but here they are looking quite swish....


  1. Hi Jess, Deanie & Rhian - you all look very professional........enjoy your new school. Love Chris

  2. Yes I agree, Chris and I am sure they have grown! Hope you guys are having a great time, what long days you have to endure. Can't imagine what Mum and Adam will be up to all day on their own. take care. Love Dona

  3. Dear Markelle, I promise I have actually tried this beofre - but it didn't work - need some ICT PD!! I will send this and check that I am right tonight!!


  4. Right - now I am away!! Haven't you done well - I can now stop worrying about the terrible time that you are having coping!! NOT!! I am so impressed that you have found some green in Singapore and so close to home! I was feeling for you when I read you were to become the home school teacher!! However, that seems to have sorted itself out too!! I hope Celia can keep awake for those hours - I guess she is better suited for that than my kids!! She has always been a night owl!! The bigs kids will be shattered I am sure with their long days. Tell Steve I am looking forward to hearing how the teaching is!! I bet you and Adam will be able to fill your days just fine - chilling out in front of the air conditioner or lazing around in the pool!! Charlie was dead keen to come and visit as soon as he saw the pool!! All my/out love - planning my first trip very soon so I can get into the pool!! Will be reading!! Jo

  5. Hi Markelle! Remember me? Here's a clue, veg :)

    Dot passed on your blog addy and I think you are completely awesome for living such an adventure. Very inspirational.

    I'll be sure to stay tuned and see what you're up to. The kids are so big now - I can't believe we're that uuhhh... mature!

    Take care
    Michelle (was Gooding.. that didn't work out so well so now it is Tom) ;)