Thursday, January 15, 2009

Orientation week

The photo is of Steve at the Botannical Gardens the week before school started... he has had to dress a lot more formally since then!

It is nice to be getting some comments back on the blog. Some of you have obviously worked it out better than I have! Remember that when the screen runs out you can click on 'older posts' to see previous photos, particularly if you have come on for the first time.
The National Junior College team have had their first big week - Orientation! Dancing, games, meals out.. all sorts of stuff and they seem quite happy. Steve has taught all week and says his students are very very quiet, especially if asked a question. His delegated co-curricular activity is hockey, though slightly different hockey to what we know. Unfortunately it seems the students may have to choose only one co-curricular activity (CCA) and stick with it for the whole year, which limits activities a bit. The girls are going to do netball and I think Rhian will do basketball. They will be lucky to fit in anything given the pending homework schedule! Mealtimes are now 8 pm, when there are lots of stories to tell about the day's events... especially the fun we are having trying to understand and learn people's names.


  1. Great to talk to you all today, it makes you feel like you all right there together.
    The gardens look beautiful, you make more time for exploring when you are away from home, don't you. Love to all Kathryn

  2. Steve will never return to our unruly mob!! We are off for a holiday near Twizel and then down to Pounawea - hope someone "fogs" the camping ground before I get there!! Last week of an "away" holiday before we start the routine of the year - and the start of the full time mum!! Lots of love - love reading all these blogs - more about women at home plse!!