Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wardies in Singapore

There are lots of really different ways of doing things. The rubbish gets put down a shoot. There are very few kitchens that have dishwashers or ovens. There's no hot water in the kitchen for dishes, and no clothes line!

Steve is feeling comfortable with his pending workload after a week of induction. He has enjoyed meeting a number of people from all different countries. We have battled the shops and malls to fill the house with furniture, and keep food on the table. Quite proud of our purchases cos you have to work quite hard to find what you need.

Steve is doing a great job of negotiating all the bus routes and we are travelling around quite freely.

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  1. Hi Rhian - it looks like "taking the rubbish out" is so much simpler in Singapore! It was good talking to you yesterday, and enjoy your first week at school. Love, Chris