Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good news

As I proceed to upload this blog to the Internet for the first time I can give some great news. Last night the 2-week wait was finally over for Jess, Nadine and Rhian when we found out that they have been accepted for National Junior College, the school Steve is teaching at. This is a huge bonus. This is the first year the school has integrated younger year levels - so for Rhian to be going in at Sec 1 and Nadine at Sec 3 is great. Jess's year level is called JC 1 (for Junior College 1). 

Steve had really been hoping to have as many together at the same school as possible... well he got his wish!

On that note.... enjoy the rest of the blog. It is hard to believe we are finally here and everything is falling into place so well. We all have our moments wondering how we will cope without friends and family, but every day we are building a new home and enjoying new adventures... and know that before long we will be able to share it all with many of you.

Love to all. Remember our email is and we treasure your messages.
Markelle, Steve, Jess, Deanie, Rhian, Celia and Adam
(keep scrolling down for more photos and news....)


  1. Hi guys. Best of luck for today. Great to see you are settling in very well. I'm gonna miss my big brother at school but then again ..... I will find another victim. lol. All good here. Cheers. Frankie

  2. Fantastic to hear from you Markelle and the good news about the children's acceptance at Steve's school. What excitement. with love Dona